Competitive section rework

Our old system with two groups that regularly train together with just a few extra players was a nice dream that didn't really translate well to reality. This is why we are abandoning it for now in favour of a more generalised competitive role on Discord in the sense of giving it to everybody that wants it and that fulfills the requirements. Potentially, we can grow something more from this later but for now, it should give us a clear playerpool of people who are motivated to be competitive and that can primarily represent us in the upcoming tournaments.

Atlas Core clanmembers can request the competitive Discord role from a mentor if they fulfill the following requirements:

Competitive players should always:
- do their best to win
- strive to stay ahead of other players in tactics and skill
- keep up with the meta and have some exceptional bots ready to play
- try to master the bots that are most viable in the current meta and that they can play best
- attempt to use different or new bot-types and strategies to stay unpredictable and to gain insight in those playstyles
- avoid to let wins or losses get to their head
- put teamwork and the correct general strategy for success before personal score
- have great awareness of what is going on around them and know how to position accordingly
- be able to analyse the situation and pull back or push when there is an advantage
- keep a positive attitude and stay calm, even when behind in score
- represent the clan in league and tournaments when possible
- know the games mechanics and how to party up properly
- know how to play the competitive gamemode(s) best and how to control the game
- have a gold or higher league rank and actively try to get as high as possible every month

Competitive builders should always:
- keep up with current developments of the meta and Robocraft updates
- stay ahead of the meta and provide new solutions and bots
- strive to make their bots as effective as possible in tankiness, damage and mobility
- provide bots to the competitive players for different roles, depending on what is required
- communicate with each other and competitive players to see what is needed and to get new ideas

We expect all clanmembers but especially those with the competitive role to always:
- stay professional in the Robocraft chat and other social media
- accept feedback and be willing to adapt and improve
- keep a professional environment in the competitive voice channel so people can concentrate
- ask in a message if it is ok to enter the competitive voice room when there is already somebody in it or at least enter quietly

If a player does no longer fulfill one or multiple of the requirements for the competitive role, it can be taken away by two mentors or a leader.

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Widowmaker update

Congratulations to the first 8 players to reach 3000 MMR




The "student" rank has always been kind of awkward. Who should become member right away and who student? Would somebody take offense to be ranked student at first even though it holds the same permissions? Would we want somebody that does?
To simplify the process, everybody that joins new will be ranked as student. A promotion to full member can be done earliest after one week, target is 2 weeks like the normal recruiting process.
Students have the same perks as members but must be promoted within 4 months to stay in like before.


Welcome to our new mentor Deegobooster!

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